03: Group Design Project

DISPLAY DESIGN > Create a portable display for the Visual Communication Design program at MSU. RESEARCH visual information I started my research by looking at pictures of kiosks, interactive information design, sculptures, and buildings/architecture. These couple of pictures stood out to me and my group: Health Department building in Bilbao, Spain We liked the idea … Continue reading 03: Group Design Project


Project 01: Promotional Design

Promotional Design for a Museum Exhibit Exhibition will showcase the work of: designer Marc Newson   Step 1 - Research INFORMATION // direct research *Source 1: http://marc-newson.com/marc-newson/ Biography “Most influential designer of his generation” Creates furniture/household objects, bicycles & cars (transportation), private and commercial aircraft, yachts, buildings, sculptures Manufacturing, technology, fashion Birth: Sydney, Australia Influences … Continue reading Project 01: Promotional Design