Project 02: App

– objective –
Develop an iPhone app for an essential service in NYC. Something that people can’t live in this city without: food, taxis, music, etc. Aim for a compelling design and focus on user experience.


– research –

First, I browsed the available data sets and noted sets that had potential:

005 001

I also started to group similar ones, depending on location or genre.


– brainstorming –

I decided on these 3 options:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Unsurprisingly, (because I always tend to end up randomly enlightened with an idea at some point of the process) I did not end up choosing from these 3 ideas.

As I was thinking, during our brainstorming/pitching session in class, I jot this first line down. And the rest of the words came after my pitch, as my class and professor gave helpful feedback:

009 001

In other words, I was going to design an Augmented Reality app! Particularly, this app will inform and help the user around the city, especially if they’re new to NYC.


– sketches –

Here are some thumbnails illustrating a story/possible user scenario:

010 001011 001


I also started thinking about possible logos:

012 001


– first designs –


*set 1


*set 2


*set 3



These were a color disaster. So back to the drawing board…


I decided to go with a palette of orange and white instead of the yellow and blue, to still keep the “pop” quality against the gray city, but to give it a more modern and fresh look. Also, I liked the layout of set 1 due to functional priorities, so I went with that.





I present to you…Wander.


Jessica Li. Wander. 2017.


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