Project 01: Redesign

> Team: Jessica Li (me), Leslie Martinez, and Anthony Giordano


> Websites: main – Spotify, analogous – Soundcloud, virus – Periscope

> Objective: Redesign Spotify – specifically, with new features called “Live” and “Upload”

  • Spotify does not currently have these features and Live and Upload could improve user experience by connecting fans with artists – it’s for the fans! And aspiring artists, as well.
  • LIVE, short for livestream, will allow users to stream live videos of their favorite artists and friends, and also GO LIVE themselves
  • UPLOAD will allow users to upload their own music and audio projects


Here are 3 paper collages of imagined website pages, using screenshots of the 3 websites:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Sketches – desktop & mobile


Design Comps – round 1

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Comps – round 2 ~ with color ! ~

green from Spotify
orange from Soundcloud to indicate UPLOAD
blue from Periscope to indicate LIVE

  • APP

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