Project 06: A Plus B

>> Design a leaflet inspired by Carl Dair’s “A Plus B”

sketches & concept
I started off listing words that really stood out to me as I read the excerpt and I was quickly attracted to the imagery of water molecules.



I sketched a little bit, playing around with rotating letters to make them look like the structures of molecules. But I wasn’t sure if that was what I wanted to do so I moved on to digitizing to see if it would work.

On InDesign when I played around with rotating the letters, it just looked too messy to me so I scrapped that idea and used circles to represent molecules instead. Then I really wanted to convey Dair’s “ah ha” argument so I made that my heading or the most prominent on the page (tried to remember to mind hierarchy…)


And here’s the design I made:



Jessica Li. A Plus B. 2016.


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