03: Group Design Project

> Create a portable display for the Visual Communication Design program at MSU.


visual information

I started my research by looking at pictures of kiosks, interactive information design, sculptures, and buildings/architecture.

These couple of pictures stood out to me and my group:

Health Department building in Bilbao, Spain

We liked the idea of being able to walk into the kiosk, but we knew we would be limited by the dimensions of 6 ft high x 3 ft wide x 3 ft deep.

Feeling that I got too specific with the “kiosk” web search, I looked at display design as a whole. I really liked this store design because it’s eye-catching with the backlit rectangles, rather than the usual spotlights used for displays.




written information

Searching up some articles on display design, I came across this one about visual merchandising:

It talks about how to intrigue and attract customers, which I guess is comparable to us trying to intrigue and attract potential high school applicants to the VCD program.


original information

We had the opportunity to ask Professor Luttropp some questions about the VCU program.
Here are some of the questions and answers, in shorthand:

  1. What do you look for in a portfolio? – Originality and creativity.
  2. Where are some of the graduates working now? – Mostly in NJ and NYC. Sports-related design. Sports logos. MLB – statistics. App design – Makeup app. Magazine/Publication design. Freelancers – Green Design Co. AIGA involvement.
  3. Goals of VCD program? – Prepare students for the field.
  4. Describe the VCD program in one word. – Professional
  5. What can you do with the degree? – 3D/interactive media is increasingly popular. Type-in-motion. Publication design. News media. Packaging is making a come-back. Can tie in with marketing and advertising.


SKETCHES/Concept Development

I started out drawing just ideas for the shape of the “kiosk”


Then as we talked about it in our groups, we really did want it to look sculptural, so these were the next few sketches I did:





Direction 1



Direction 2



> Choosing to go with the second design, we had to address a couple of problems:

  1. The shape would interfere with viewing, e.g. bumping head on top part of the “I” shape
  2. The height of where everything was for readability and accessibility


After some deliberation, as a group we decided to keep the contents the four sides of our kiosk but re-design them to fit on a lowercase “i.”


Here is the completed design:



And a picture of the final kiosk model:



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