Final Project: Designer Research One-off

objective     Design a spread (think: magazine spread) with one page’s worth of respectable succinct, enlightening writing about the designer selected and researched earlier on in the semester. Include a total of 6 images, 1 being a portrait of the designer.

Designer selected: Alvin Lustig


1.   Looked over research and an outline I wrote previously in preparation for a paper, and noted specific pieces of work that were major in his career and also those that I enjoyed

2.   Created a folder of images (jpegs) [none of the pictures belong to me]

3.   Wrote the text portion of spread, keeping in mind the images I picked


brainstorming     Sketched out possible layouts



drafting   Started working on InDesign
Here’s one of the drafts…


…and after being unhappy with how the text flowed, I rearranged the pictures in a less intrusive way (specifically referring to the right-hand side page), while keeping “hierarchy” in mind and also making the pictures as big as possible since Lustig’s work is so detailed. The “making the pics as big as possible” was difficult because I didn’t want the text/type to look like an afterthought, but I still really wanted to keep them prominent. And so, I started stacking and connecting images.




remarks     As noted during final critique today, if I were to continue building on this spread, I think I would add more color or something to the “background” so that it is less plain, but I do like the way it is laid out.

Jessica Li. Lustig One-off Spread. 2016.


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