Project 02: Book Cover

objective   Create a design using the title – Spontaneous Foobar Influencer – and an image (or images)

step 1 – story synopsis –>
 ” It was Nathan Delaney’s first semester at University. Nathan was the type of kid that never talked back to his parents, or any adult for that matter, and was just quite passive with most things in his life. He thought life was bland, everything followed a specific route, and that’s all there is to it, but he didn’t rebel or complain either. And then he walked into Professor Folberth’s Intro to Programming class and everything changed. Professor Folberth was the epitome of wacky, and Nathan just could not take him seriously at first. Although, Nathan struggled a bit with the class and would visit during office hours. Little did he know that in a couple of weeks, Professor Folberth would somehow flip his static view of existence 180° and teach him that the only constant of life, interestingly, is that nothing really stays the same, that there’s more than one route to take, and everything you choose to do ultimately matters. “

steps 2&3 // thumbnails

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

steps 4&5 // medium & full size sketches 
with focus on “change” and “choice”


step 6   I, then, shifted the focus to contrasting the two characters’ personalities:


And chose the one on the right to finalize:


But it was still lacking the essence of the story, so I needed an image.

Back to sketching:


And after some time on Photoshop, I created this:

…which I used for the final design. I used the lettering from my previous cover.



   After presenting my final cover to the class, it is clear that the lettering is still too unsettling for it to be quickly readable, so I will work on that if I were to revise this cover.


Jessica Li. SFI Cover. 2016.


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