Project 01: Sign Set

objective   Design a system of signs for the following MSU functions:

  • Shuttle Bus Stop
  • Global Education Center
  • Center for Writing Excellence
  • University Library
  • Advisement Office

  Visited locations, took pictures and notes, and research online
(click to enlarge)

thumbnail sketching & statements


Statement: For the Shuttle Bus Stop, I want to convey the sense of waiting and then going somewhere. I’m trying to represent a route or systematic (or lack thereof) path. With that, I want to represent “arrival” and “departure.”


Statement: For Global Ed, I am focusing on the words “togetherness” and “connection.” I want to represent an alliance of world knowledge, of people. The symbol will show travel or journey in some manner, a “going somewhere.” Exploration.


Statement: For the Center for Writing Excellence, I’m focusing on progression because the objective of the writing center is to guide students through the writing process, and the unspoken goal, I guess, would be to make their ideas and writing “better.” Better as in more polished and finalized. So to represent progression, I will show some sort of change that is additive.


Statement: For the University Library, I want to convey the idea of a wealth of resources and it being accessible to everyone. It would be good to represent the different resources – web, books, audio, visual. The library at Montclair also has a peaceful atmosphere so the design will reflect that with a more balanced look.


Statement: For the Advisement Office, I want to focus on discussion – Q&A – guidance, and the concept of having a mentor. Mentors do not stay by your side the whole way, eventually you go on by yourself after learning all they have to teach you.

further sketching


preliminary comps


…back to the drawing board for shuttle bus stop sign


selected sign set


still having problems with that bus, so


almost there…


…and after some more changes:

Final Sign Set


I am content with this final set because the lines feel bold enough to be signs and I tried to clarify the abstraction, while still keeping the essence my ideas.


Jessica Li. MSU Sign Set. 2016.



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